Key Express Buy

Speed up your purchase.

Say hello to Key Express Buy, a digital tool empowering you to start the vehicle purchase process online. Set your desired payment terms, value your current vehicle, browse vehicle protection plans, apply for financing, schedule a test drive, and submit your deal to us. Car buying made fast, easy, transparent.

Key Express Buy helps you calculate your monthly payment by factoring in your credit rating, cash down or due at signing amount, length of loan or lease, taxes and fees, applicable incentives, and the value of a trade-in.

Leverage our partnership with Kelley Blue Book to see what your current car is worth towards your new vehicle. Follow the simple steps to discover its value, and see it get applied to your deal.

See available vehicle coverage plans we offer to keep money in your pocket and your car on the road, including GAP insurance and service contracts. Select a plan you're interested in to have the cost applied to your deal.

The next step is applying for financing. With Key Express Buy, you can securely apply for credit online and receive an instant decision within 60 seconds.

Of course, we encourage shoppers to take the vehicle for a spin before finalizing their deal. Key Express Buy enables you to arrange a no-obligation test drive at the dealership or another convenient location, like your home.

Having completed all the steps, your final action is to review your deal and submit it to us.

All from your couch.

Tackle the buying process from home to save time in the dealership.